Latest Update (23rd April 2024): AutoWealth launches new portfolio for investing SRS funds. Learn More

Latest Update (23rd April 2024): AutoWealth launches new portfolio for investing SRS funds. Learn More

How To Retire To A Seaside Villa

Ask yourself this – How hard have you worked all these years so that you and your family can lead a more comfortable lifestyle? For all the long hours and sacrifices you made just to earn a living, you should most definitely reward yourself during retirement and living at a relaxing, slow-paced seaside villa is definitely an attractive option!

Furthermore, it is really not that hard to attain this retirement goal. Read more in the infographics to discover how much you will need, as well as how you can fund your retirement now!


While you may think it may be a little far-fetched to think about retiring to a seaside villa, it is entirely possible to do so! Current cost of living for 2 people in Singapore is approximately S$2,500 a month, and if we take into consideration 3% inflation per annum, this amount will increase to approximately S$6,000 a month in 30 years. In addition, an average monthly rental price for a seaside villa is approximately S$1,000. Hence, the monthly income required per month to lead a comfortable retirement lifestyle when you are 65 is about S$7,000.

How To Fund Your Retirement

Most Singaporeans are now subscribed to CPF LIFE, which is a CPF scheme providing Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents with a monthly payout for as long as they live. This helps to eliminate longevity risk and provides some form of stable income during your retirement years. Your CPF LIFE monthly payouts will depend on the savings you have in your retirement account.

Assuming that a Basic Retirement Sum (BRS) will be set aside for your CPF LIFE scheme, the monthly payout provided to you will approximately be S$1,000. Also, as you retire to a seaside villa, you can rent out your flat and collect a rental income of S$4,000 monthly. This leaves you with a monthly shortfall of S$2,000 which has to be supplemented by your savings and investments.

How Do I Get S$2,000 Monthly For 20 Years

With a low risk globally diversified portfolio earning approximately 5.4%, you will need a monthly investment of S$385 if you start at age 30, and a monthly investment of S$756 if you start at age 40. If you start investing early, the compounding effect of the returns will allow your investment to grow to a larger amount at the end of your investment horizon.

What are you waiting for? Work towards a more comfortable retirement today!

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