Upcoming: Join us at our SRS investment scheme webinar on 22nd July 2024, 7:30pm! Learn More

Upcoming: Join us at our SRS investment scheme webinar on 22nd July 2024, 7:30pm! Learn More


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Past Webinars

08 Oct 2021 Webinar : Taper Tantrums Or Not ?

As the world steps up on its vaccination efforts, many countries’ markets and economies have recovered way beyond pre-pandemic levels. Are we in a bubble yet?

Now markets seemed concerned with inflation and an earlier liftoff of interest rates. With the recent Fed announcement, will we see history repeats itself on taper tantrums or will we learn from the past?

18 Jan 2021 Webinar : AW + Soft Launch Webinar

AW+ is an offering that features curated and robustly designed thematic portfolio solutions.

Thematic Portfolio Solutions:

  • Future 2050
  • Future of Digital Economy
  • Pandemic Turnaround
  • Growth & Momentum


Besides users with aspirational financial goals, AW+ also appeals to advanced users who desire to express personal investment views through our curated thematic portfolios that satisfy our rigorous risk management tests.

28 Oct 2020 Webinar : How to Invest Intelligently Amidst the US Presidential Election

Tai Zhi, our CIO, shares how investors should invest intelligently and how to make easy gains amidst the U.S. Presidential Election.

  • Equity markets were randomly volatile pre-election
  • Equity markets appreciate post-election due to market optimism
  • Market optimism lasted 8 weeks before tapering off

Speaker : Ow Tai Zhi

Chief Investment Officer

Mr. Ow Tai Zhi, a Business School 2010 alumnus, started AutoWealth after spending more than 10 years in the investment field working for Singapore’s sovereign wealth fund, hedge fund, and family fund.

Vice-Chairman SAFRA Investment Committee
Board Member of NUS Alumni Advisory Board
Board Member of NUS Business School Alumni Association