Earn more from your idle cash with our high-yield cash management solution

Invest in money-market instruments & short-term government, quasi-government, and high-quality investment grade corporate bonds

FlexiCash SGD Yield


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Invest in SGD-denominated money market funds that hold high-quality short-term money market instruments and debt securities

Key Characteristics

Ultra Low Risk

Low-risk cash management solutions are typically managed by experienced financial professionals who aim to optimize returns while managing risk, providing investors with peace of mind

Optimized Portfolio Yield

Your portfolio yields will be constantly optimized to ensure your financial wellness

Who Should Invest ?

Investors seeking yield

Investors with shorter investment horizons

Investors who wish to enjoy liquidity on their investments

Why Should You Invest In Flexi Cash SGD ?

Overview of AutoWealth Flexi Cash SGD Investment Strategy

Maximizing Yield with Low-Risk Cash Management

Invest in High-Flying AutoWealth Flexi Cash SGD

AutoWealth Flexi Cash SGD lets investors adjust maturity allocations based on market expectations tactically.

How Does Flexi Cash SGD Fit Into Your Financial Planning ?

To establish a solid financial footing, the initial step is to create a foundation by establishing an emergency fund to cover unexpected expenses. Flexi Cash SGD is an integral part of AutoWealth’s financial planning, as it offers investors a convenient and adaptable approach to managing their cash balances effectively.

FlexiCash SGD Fees


Annual Management Fee