Upcoming: Join us at our SRS investment scheme webinar on 22nd July 2024, 7:30pm! Learn More

Upcoming: Join us at our SRS investment scheme webinar on 22nd July 2024, 7:30pm! Learn More

Begin Your Investment Journey With AutoWealth Starter

Globally diversified portfolios containing more than 8,000 stocks and 600 Governments bonds

Returns from


Risk 1 Portfolio (Lowest)

*Based on Latest 20-Years Annualized Returns



Risk 5 Portfolio (Highest)

*Based on Latest 20-Years Annualized Returns


A robust portfolio with a strong emphasis on portfolio allocation and diversification without market speculation

Key Characteristics

High Level Of Diversification To Lower Risk

The Starter portfolio are diversified across three layers: asset types, geographical areas, and industries. This diversification strategy mitigates the impact of market volatility by potentially offsetting losses in one area with gains in another.

Optimised To Balance Risk And Returns

The Starter portfolio carefully allocates investments between high-growth assets and less volatile assets. This strategic allocation aims to optimize returns while managing risk at a moderate level. By carefully selecting a mix of investments, the portfolio aims to strike a balance between growth potential and stability, optimizing the risk-return trade-off.

Who Should Invest ?

First time investors or investors with little investment experience

Busy investors with
limited time

Rational investor who thinks traditional advisors are too costly

Investors who seek capital appreciation with a long term investment horizon

Why Invest AutoWealth Starter With Us ?

Our balanced approach prioritizes both stability and growth. This approach empowers you to navigate market fluctuations with peace of mind and confidently pursue essential life goals such as retirement planning and children’s education. You can be assured that your investment will deliver satisfactory returns while keeping the risk low.

How We Maintain Your Risk Exposure

We understand that investment risk can experience significant fluctuations as the market moves. This volatility can cause sleepless nights for investors. That is why we have developed a robust rebalancing strategy to ensure that your risk exposure is carefully managed from the beginning to the end of your investment journey.

The Importance of Rebalancing

Threshold-Based Rebalancing

How Does AutoWealth Starter Fit Into Your Financial Planning ?

After establishing your emergency fund, you can initiate your investment journey towards achieving your essential goals, such as housing, children’s education, and retirement. Our AutoWealth Starter package comprises a combination of globally diversified ETFs that are straightforward to comprehend and have been specifically designed to assist you in reaching your essential goals.

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Annual Management Fees

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