Latest Update (23rd April 2024): AutoWealth launches new portfolio for investing SRS funds. Learn More

Latest Update (23rd April 2024): AutoWealth launches new portfolio for investing SRS funds. Learn More

Investing Your SRS Funds

An initiative by Singaporeans, for Singaporeans. Brought to you by 3 majority Singaporean-owned & led companies – AutoWealth, Lion Global Investors (a member of OCBC Group) & Phillip Securities.

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Risk 1 Portfolio (Lowest)

*Based on Latest 10-Year Annualised Backtested Returns



Risk 5 Portfolio (Highest)

*Based on Latest 10-Year Annualised Backtested Returns

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What is SRS?

Singapore’s voluntary SRS scheme lets you boost your retirement savings beyond your CPF contributions. It offers tax relief on contributions, making it an attractive option for Singaporean Citizens, Permanent Residents, and even eligible Foreigners.

Benefits of Investing Your SRS

Hedge Against Inflation

Investing your SRS funds can help you protect your money from losing its purchasing power due to inflation. This is especially important for long-term investments, as inflation can erode the value of your savings over time.

Grow Your Money Over Time

By investing your SRS funds, you can potentially earn higher returns than you would by keeping your money in a traditional savings account. This can help you grow your nest egg and achieve your retirement goals.

Who Should Invest ?

Anyone with SRS funds currently held in SRS bank account

Anyone looking for a
more comfortable
retirement lifestyle

SRS fund holders who want
to prevent erosion
of purchasing power
(hedge against inflation)

Investors who seek capital
appreciation with a long term
investment horizon

Why Invest Your SRS Funds With Us ?

No Withdrawal Fees, All Flexibility
AutoWealth offers a globally diversified portfolio managed by experts, letting you access your SRS funds down the line without penalty fees.

Tax Perks Still Apply
Maximize Your Tax Advantages: Contributing to your SRS through AutoWealth allows you to claim tax deductions on your contributions, up to the S$15,300 annual limit for Singaporeans & Singapore Permanant Residents and up to S$35,700 for foreigners (as foreigners do not enjoy tax relief on CPF contributions). This translates to a direct reduction in your current tax liability, essentially increasing your disposable income for retirement savings. (Please note, the overall tax relief limit for Singapore remains at S$80,000.)

How We Maintain Your Risk Exposure

We understand that investment risk can experience significant fluctuations as the market moves. This volatility can cause sleepless nights for investors. That is why we have developed a robust rebalancing strategy to ensure that your risk exposure is carefully managed from the beginning to the end of your investment journey.

The Importance of Rebalancing

Threshold-Based Rebalancing

AutoWealth SRS Portfolio Wrap Fees (All-Inclusive)


Annual Management Fees