Upcoming: Join us at our SRS investment scheme webinar on 22nd July 2024, 7:30pm! Learn More

Upcoming: Join us at our SRS investment scheme webinar on 22nd July 2024, 7:30pm! Learn More

A Message to Grab’s AutoInvest and Earn+ Customers

In a recent announcement, Grab has decided to shut down its investment products AutoInvest and Earn+, and wind down its GrabInvest business. This move has left many customers curious about the reasons behind it and what it means for their investments.

Why the decision?

The decision to shut down these investment products came after a thorough review by Grab, which determined that the business would not be commercially viable. While GrabInvest initially focused on the Singapore market, it did not expand its investment products to other markets in the region.

Withdrawal Deadline: October 13th

Customers who have invested in AutoInvest and Earn+ are advised to withdraw their funds from these products by October 13th, as these services will no longer be available after that date.

Grab’s Long-term Perspective

A spokesperson from Grab stated that the company has decided not to invest further in expanding GrabInvest as it is not projected to be profitable in the long term. This decision aligns with Grab’s efforts to simplify its financial services and concentrate on products like GrabPay, Insurance, and Lending that complement each other in their ecosystem.

Continuing Commitment

Although the closure of AutoInvest and Earn+ may disappoint some investors, Grab remains committed to serving its customers through its other financial offerings. This decision reflects the changing landscape of financial services and the necessity to adapt to market dynamics.

Exploring Alternative Investments

As investors transition from AutoInvest and Earn+ to other financial products, it’s crucial to stay informed and consider alternative investment options that suit your financial goals and risk tolerance. One such alternative worth exploring is AutoWealth.

Why Consider AutoWealth?

AutoWealth is an excellent choice for individuals seeking personalized investment strategies and cutting-edge technology to achieve your financial goals. With low fees and a transparent approach, AutoWealth caters to investors at all levels of experience. Whether you are new to investing or have years of experience, AutoWealth provides the tools necessary to secure your financial future.

If you are in search of a reliable investment platform, consider AutoWealth as your go-to option. To learn more about AutoWealth and its services, visit our website at www.autowealth.sg.com.

Conclusion: Where to Invest After Grab’s AutoInvest and Earn+ Exit?

Investors need to find other platforms after Grab ended AutoInvest and Earn+. AutoWealth emerges as a reliable alternative, offering advanced technology, customized investment strategies, low fees, and transparency. Whether you are saving for a specific milestone or aiming to grow your wealth, AutoWealth can help you achieve your objectives. By choosing AutoWealth, investors can feel confident about their financial future. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to leverage AutoWealth’s expertise and start investing today.

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