Is An Inverted Yield Curve A Sign Of Recession?

On 31st March the yield curve inverted, sparking fears of a recession looming ahead. In this video, we discuss what the yield curve is, how it inverts and whether it is a reliable predictor of a recession.

Russia-Ukraine War, Buy on Dips or Cut your Losses?

In this video, Tai Zhi, our CIO, shares AutoWealth’s house views on the events that have unfolded or will likely unfold in the Russia-Ukraine war, its economic and market impacts, and possible steps investors can take to navigate the war.

What is Dollar Cost Averaging

In this video, Tai Zhi, our CIO, explains what dollar cost averaging is and shares how to deploy this investment strategy in the right and intelligent way.

Should You Sell Your Investments Now

In this video, Tai Zhi, our CIO, analyses the Sell in May effect and shares how investors should navigate their investments from June to December 2021. Note 1: This advertisement has not been reviewed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore. Investments always involve risks and the possibility of losses. Any references to past performance, projections […]

Gold Or Not Gold

Tai Zhi, our CIO, shares four insights on Gold and why gold is not suitable for a rational investor.

Managing Risk

Tai Zhi, our CIO, shares how investors can avoid catastrophic losses in any market declines using two simple and all-time classic ways to manage risk.

Stay Cool, Stay The Course

Tai Zhi, our CIO, shares why the “seemingly high” equity valuations are not that high after all and why there is nothing wrong to invest your idle funds now.