How AutoWealth Perform Decumulation

Upon Retirement Decumulation (Age 65)

CPF members will be educated on the benefit and advised to decumulate their investment portfolio back to CPF account on quarterly basis over a selected period. CPF members ultimately decide whether to opt in or not.

Benefits of Decumulation

Mitigate Market Timing & Liquidity

Liquidating & withdrawing a substantial lump sum at retirement may expose CPF members to potential market volatility at the point of liquidation.

By decumulating systematically vis-à-vis liquidating the investment portfolio all at once, CPF members mitigate market timing risk especially during periods of market volatility or downturn.
While the majority of financial advisors and roboadvisory platform provides adequate features to achieve Accumulation, AutoWealth features a systematic De-Risking and Decumulation for our users