Latest Update (23rd April 2024): AutoWealth launches new portfolio for investing SRS funds. Learn More

Latest Update (23rd April 2024): AutoWealth launches new portfolio for investing SRS funds. Learn More

Do More with your Central Provident Fund

Globally diversified portfolios made up of CPF approved Unit Trusts

CPF Portfolio Returns


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We prioritize portfolio allocation and diversification, emphasizing a disciplined, non-speculative approach

Did you know Central Provident Fund (CPF) 2.5% is meant to satisfy your basic retirement needs?

By creating a CPF account with AutoWealth, you can do even more to achieve your dream retirement.

Key Characteristics

High Level Of Diversification To Lower Risk

The CPF portfolio are diversified across three layers: asset types, geographical areas, and industries. This diversification strategy mitigates the impact of market volatility by potentially offsetting losses in one area with gains in another.

Optimised To Balance Risk And Returns

The CPF portfolio carefully allocates investments between high-growth assets and less volatile assets. This strategic allocation aims to optimize returns while managing risk at a moderate level. By carefully selecting a mix of investments, the portfolio aims to strike a balance between growth potential and stability, optimizing the risk-return trade-off.

Who Should Invest ?

First time investors or investors with little investment experience

Busy investors with limited time

Rational investor who thinks traditional advisors are too costly

Why invest CPF with us ?

We Acquire The Concept Of De-Risking and Decumulation



How Can I Invest My CPF Savings

The CPF Investment Scheme (CPFIS) consists of the CPF Ordinary Account (CPFIS-OA). The schemes give CPF members more options in investing their CPF savings while meeting the long-term objective of financial security in old age.

AutoWealth is one of the financial advisors included under the CPF Investment Scheme (CPFIS).

Get To Know More About CPF

Anyone above age 18 can invest as long as they meet the criteria.

You can invest under CPFIS if you :

  • are at least 18 years old
  • are not an undischarged bankrupt;
  • have more than $20,000 in your OA; and/or
  • have more than $40,000 in your SA; and
  • have completed the CPFIS Self-Awareness Questionnaire (SAQ) (applicable to new investors with effect from 1st October 2018)

You can invest your CPFIS-OA savings if you have a sufficient balance amount and enjoy an extra 1% interest paid on the first S$20,000 from your CPFIS-OA. At the age of 55, do note that CPFIS will use your Savings Account and Ordinary Account to build up your Retirement Account.

1. Portfolio Design
  • Enhance returns
  • Diversified portfolio
  • Passive investment strategy
  • Historical performance
  • Our risk management

2. Portfolio Design
  • Improve efficiency due to 24/7 accessibility
  • Lower cost compared to unit trust or DIY

0.40% portfolio advisory fee

You only need to pay 0.40% portfolio advisory fee per annum on your assets under advice. This is automatically debited directly from your CPF investment portfolio and you do not need to pay out of pocket. All brokerage fees, clearing fees & custody fees are absorbed by AutoWealth, including any fees incurred for portfolio rebalancing.

CPF-Approved funds expense ratio

The CPF-approved funds charge an expense ratio per annum. This is automatically debited directly from the fund Net Asset Value (NAV) and you do not need to pay out of pocket. The fund expense ratio are listed below:

Pinebridge U.S. Large Cap Research Enhanced A5CP SGD : 1.17%
Fidelity European Growth SR-ACC SGD : 1.69%
Aberdeen Standard Pacific Equity SGD : 1.70%
Aberdeen Standard Global Emerging Markets SGD : 1.75%
United SGD Fund Cl A Acc SGD : 0.68%
Legg Mason Western Asset Global Bond Trust A Acc SGD : 0.87%

CPF agent bank fees

The CPF agent bank (DBS, UOB, OCBC) charges S$2.00 t0 S$2.50 per portfolio-level transaction (i.e. fund deposits & fund withdrawals). There is no transaction fee for portfolio rebalancing or switching of funds. The CPF agent bank charges a service fee of S$2.00 to S$2.50 per quarter for your CPF investment portfolio.

1. Enhance your retirement nest egg

Ideal for people who wish to earn higher return on their CPF savings. If you have a reasonable investment horizon of 5 years or more, investing in AutoWealth’s CPF Portfolios may enhance your retirement nest egg above and beyond CPF’s 2.5% base interest.

2. Robust portfolio design that enhances your returns & lowers your risk

AutoWealth’s CPF Portfolios feature a more robust portfolio design that diversifies across stocks and bonds, across major geographical regions including U.S., Europe, Asia Pacific & Emerging Markets and across all industries. This enhances your returns and lowers your risk as compared to a portfolio that is concentrated in one asset class (e.g. Singapore stocks).

3. Real-time portfolio rebalancing

AutoWealth’s CPF Portfolios are automatically rebalanced real-time to maintain a consistent portfolio risk. During market corrections, AutoWealth’s real-time portfolio rebalancing would automatically take profit on bond holdings and accumulate stocks whilst they are trading at a discount (i.e. sell high, buy low). This earns you extra returns in addition to the passive markets returns we generate for you.

4. Lower cost & hassle-free

AutoWealth’s CPF Portfolios capitalise on technology, automation & economies of scale to improve cost efficiency & service quality. With our fully-managed service, you can rest easy and channel your precious time towards things that matters more (e.g. family time)

Coming Soon! Stay tuned or contact our wealth managers for more information.

You may start investing your CPF savings through AutoWealth with as little as S$10,000. The minimum investment amount of S$10,000 will enable us to create a robust portfolio that is well-diversified across stocks & bonds, across major geographical regions including the U.S., Europe, Asia Pacific & Emerging Markets and across all industries.

Therefore, your AutoWealth CPF portfolio is more defensive against market stress than a portfolio that is concentrated in only one asset class (e.g. Singapore stocks).

The first S$40,000 in your CPF Special Account earns an extra 1% of risk-free interest (i.e. 5.0% risk-free interest on the first S$40,000) and cannot be used for investment. The remaining funds in your CPF Special Account earns a risk-free interest on 4.0%. Therefore, we do not encourage you to invest your savings in the CPF Special Account.

CPF Portfolio Fee


Wrap (Service) Fee on assets under management